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You can adorn your patio with adorable granite slabs that gives it a real classy look. However it is to be noted that a patio slabs must have the right proportions as otherwise it will not look right or serve the desired purposes. When it comes to slab cutting, it is best to leave such jobs to the professionals. However, in situations where you are unable to get such assistance and decide to do the cutting yourself, it is imperative that you have the right equipment with you.

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Wet Saw Cutting

In order to get the best result in patio slabs cutting, it is essential to make use of a wet saw. A wet saw that has a diamond blade will enable you to cut smoothly to achieve the desired result. This is because there will less chipping and breaking in the granite. Since the blade is wet when working, there is less heat in the cutting process which makes the job much easier. When it comes to making deep cuts into the slab, nothing can give such perfect results than web blades. These blades are seen in tile saws where there is a basin with water stored in it. This water is continuously sprinkled on the blade as it works.

Dry Saw Cutting

There are many people who make use of dry cutting technique because of the kind of mess that arise from using a wet blade. However using a dry saw results in a lot of dust being produced. There are many slab manufacturers who do not recommend it. In a situation where you are going to cut a slab in your home's interiors, it is the best option. When a dry cutting blade is usually used with a handheld saw that works with low power it gives good results in shaping the granite surface to the desired look.

Some Points To Be Noted

A point to be noted about when using wet or dry blades is that dry blades are often passed off as wet blades and used in the same manner which is to be avoided because of its highly unsafe. Furthermore, when you make use of a dry blade or a wet blade for slab cutting it is imperative to get a look at the safety manual of the saw equipment that is going to use the blade and the blade's manual also. This will give information about the safety norms that have to be followed, the condition for the blade, its mounting on the machine and other such details which must be followed for a safe usage and accurate cutting of the slab. Once a slab is not cut the right way, it cannot be put to use for the desired purpose. You should practice on a small piece first before starting. Hence when buying slab cutting equipment, make sure to procure high quality cutting equipment and blades from a refutable manufacturer. This will give you precision cutting when you use it as otherwise you cannot get the desired results and it results in a lot of wastage of time, energy and money.